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Rev. Sharon D. McLean, Pastor

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Rev. Sharon McLean is the Pastor of The Tree Of Life Baptist Church located at 7810 Harford Rd. Parkville Md. . 


She was born on May 19, 1959 in Baltimore, Maryland where she met and married Deacon Michael McLean Sr. who is Chairman of the Deacon Board at The Tree of Life Baptist Church. 


They have three children together named Damon, Qiana and Michael Jr. Pastor McLean also has seven beautiful grandchildren named Se’Van, Dine’, Anissa, Xaria ,Ariel , Morgan and Julius . And one great grandson Kyro .


Pastor McLean was educated through the Baltimore City school system at Walbrook High School. She is currently a student at Eastern Theology Seminary where she received  her  Bachelor Degree. She continues to achieve her goal of receiving a Masters Degree .


Pastor McLean was introduced to Christ as a child where her parents took her to church and she was baptized at an early age. She was re-baptized in April of 2000 at The Garden of Prayer Christian Church.


 She was aware of God and His presence in 1995 as she sat on the beach in San Vito, Italy where God spoke to her through the sounds of the Asiatic Seas where she lived for 3 years with her husband who was a member of the Air Force. They were stationed in many places like Ft. Meade, Maryland; Dover, Delaware; Charleston, South Carolina and San Vito, Italy while traveling throughout the world.


Pastor McLean accepted her calling on Nov. 14, 2008 and her trial sermon, which was titled, “Do you see what I see…A miracle!” was on December 14, 2008 where she was licensed to preach the Gospel. She was ordained as an Associate Minister on March 9, 2012 where Rev. McLean was set apart to become Pastor on August 3, 2014 by the late Apostle Melvin B. Tuggle II, who was Senior Pastor of the Garden Of Prayer Christian Church.


Pastor McLean was involved in various ministries at The Garden of Prayer Christian Church. She was ministry leader for the “Jesus Loves Me Ministry” for children ages 2 – 8 where she taught children the word of God on a child-friendly level. She was also the ministry leader for the “Shared Faith Ministry”, for young parents and their children where they learned the word of God together.


Pastor McLean was a licensed day-care provider for 37 years and this is where she found her love and passion for children.


 At The Garden of Prayer Christian Church she was also a member of the “W.O.W.” Ministry (Women of Worth) women’s ministry where she was the circle leader in the ministry for the “Martha Circle ” which handled hospitality for ministry events, the “Hannah Circle” which is the circle for prayer and the “Lydia Circle” which taught the word of God. Pastor McLean also had the opportunity to be the Chairperson for the Women’s Day Committee 2013 and to be a member of the Hurt Mass Choir.


Pastor McLean started her own journey with her church  in August 2014 where she started The Tree of Life Baptist Church in a shared space that Bishop Steven Waters was so kind to allow her to lease for fellowshipping on Sunday’s. On March 1, 2015 Pastor and her congregation moved into a new church building located in East Baltimore on Greenmount Ave. December 6, 2015 Pastor and her congregation began service in a  church building located at 1713 Taylor Ave. in Parkville MD. And on November 1, 2018 Pastor and her congregation began service in their new church building located at 7200 Belair Rd in Baltimore MD.

In December 2019 , the church relocated  to 7810 Harford Rd. Our present location.  


Pastor McLean is committed to delivering the word of God with clarity, power and authority. Pastor McLean is reminded that in Habakkuk 2:22 “And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readth it.” Pastor McLean’s favorite scripture is the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Her daily saying is, “I expect Miracles every day!” Her vision is to help everyone root their lives in the word of God while saving souls.

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